SOC Automation

Make informed decisions. Detect and respond at machine speed with data science, machine learning and automation that augments human skills and experience.

Phantom stops COVID-19 phising attacks

Predict future attack types with security operations automation. Understand the "why" when interacting with your data.

Why Splunk for SOC Automation?

Splunk Phantom enables you to work smarter by executing a series of actions — from detonating files to quarantining devices — across your security infrastructure in seconds, versus hours or more if performed manually. Free up valuable time to focus on mission-critical initiatives. 

Stop drowning in security alerts. Go from overwhelmed to in control. Respond faster with automated playbooks that execute at machine speed.

Stop pivoting between multiple security products to investigate or respond to security incidents. Splunk Phantom orchestrates workflows and response across all your security tools so that each one is actively participating in your defense strategy.


Enhance and Extend the Value of Splunk With Splunkbase

Splunkbase enhances and extends the Splunk platform with a library of hundreds of apps and add-ons from Splunk, our partners and our community.

The Splunk platform imports and indexes machine data and provides powerful search and analysis features that deliver immediate value to your business. You can find hundreds of apps and add-ons that can enhance and extend the Splunk platform with ready-to-use functions, ranging from optimized data collection to monitoring security, IT management and more.

Financial Services

Get ahead of advanced threats
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Effectively diagnose and triage breaches
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Public Sector

Make a small staff seem like an army
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