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What’s Your Data Really Worth?

New research puts a value to untapped data

Measure Your Maturity

New global research conducted by ESG examines how 1,350 organizations around the world use their data to drive value, finding that those furthest along on their journey increase gross profit, through the use of their data, by an average of 12.5% per year.

Take our five-minute assessment, based on the research, to see where your org falls on the maturity curve — and the value of your untapped data.

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Data Drives the Bottom Line

ESG’s research found that the top tier of organizations — data innovators — are more likely to beat competitors to market, have more confidence in their decision-making, and increase earnings through better use of data.

Data innovators get results

They’re more than twice as likely to see data having strong, direct business impact.
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Data innovators are disruptive

They’re almost 10 times more likely to say new offerings deliver 20% or more of revenue.
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Data innovators generate value

They’re driving nearly twice the revenue from data as their lower-tier competitors.
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Read the full report for breakdowns by country and industry, and more.