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Turn Data Into Doing

See why the world's leading organizations rely on Splunk to unlock innovation, improve security and drive resilience

Why Customers Choose Splunk
Ensuring security and system resilience while accelerating innovation is a business imperative. These outcomes are achievable with data. That’s why customers choose Splunk.

Unlock Innovation

Unlock Innovation 

Innovation takes many forms: transformative business changes and incremental optimizations.  Both types of innovation are predicated on having secure and resilient systems. With Splunk, customers efficiently ensure security and resilience, freeing up resources to identify opportunities in their data and deliver innovations, even in the face of unpredictability.

Improve Security

Improve Security 

Ensuring a strong security posture is increasingly challenging as the complexity of attacks and the attack surface continues to grow. Splunk enables customers to modernize their security operations, delivering a stronger, unified security posture across the hybrid, multi-cloud environment. The result: more efficient and agile Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that support business growth.  

Drive Resilience

Drive Resilience

As the percent of business conducted digitally continues to skyrocket, system resilience has become critical to business resilience. With Splunk, customers have a real-time view of the health and performance of all layers of their technology stack —– from underlying infrastructure to end user applications —– enabling them to optimize performance by proactively identifying issues, and driving rapid resolution. Customers reduce overhead and boost the bottom line, while managing their systems at the speed of digital business. Read how Lenovo drives e-commerce

What makes Splunk different? 

Splunk helps you turn data into doing, at scale.

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Extensible data platform

Splunk provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports an expansive set of use cases. You can leverage Splunk-built search and reporting, security and observability solutions, the 2,400+ apps available on Splunkbase, and build custom applications tuned to your specific needs. 

Integrated observability and security Integrated observability and security

Integrated observability and security

Splunk provides market leading purpose-built solutions that deliver full-fidelity observability and unified security. Technology teams can effectively meet their objectives with these specialized applications, and collaborate across teams as needed using shared data and common worksurfaces.

end-to-end-data-coverage end-to-end-data-coverage

End-to-end data coverage

Splunk is data source agnostic, covering your entire technology landscape — multicloud, hybrid, and edge. Splunk ingests metrics, logs and traces with full fidelity, providing you end-to-end contextual visibility. Spend less time stitching data together and more time acting on it.

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World-leading investigation

Splunk provides you the flexibility to ask questions of unstructured data, and add structure on the fly, with our proprietary schema-on-read technology. Streaming analytics ensures near real-time access to analytics-driven insights. Combined with full-fidelity data coverage and pervasive AI, Splunk ensures that you can accurately identify signal from noise faster, at scale.   

Rapid time-to-action Rapid time-to-action

Rapid time-to-action

Translating insight into action at scale is easy with Splunk’s built-in automation and orchestration capabilities enhanced by AI/ML. You can minimize manual heavy lifting, simplify workstreams and efficiently scale operations to respond at machine speed.

Drive outcomes across your organization
Reduced downtime

Keep mission-critical applications and infrastructure up and running

Lower risk of data breach, IP theft and fraud

Modernize and strengthen your cyber defenses

Faster time to market for new apps

Release apps faster and improve developer efficiency

Enterprise grade services for data-driven outcomes 
professional-services- support-training professional-services- support-training
Professional services, support and training

Designed to help accelerate time to value. Get expert guidance, targeted response times, phone contact and access to support portals.


passionate experts passionate experts
Engaged community of passionate experts

Welcome to the best community, ever. Get answers to your questions from Splunk experts or join one of our amazing user groups.


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Vibrant ecosystem of partners and developers

A vast ecosystem helps you focus on creating value for your organization regardless of industry or environment.


Do More With Splunk
From IT to Security to DevOps and beyond, Splunk enables you to take action in real time.