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We make organizations more resilient.

Fend off threat actors. Diminish downtime. Fix issues faster. Boom.

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Prevent major issues

Find and fix threats and costly downtime before they have bigger business impacts.

Bounce back

Restore mission-critical services in seconds to keep teams productive and customers happy.

Adapt quickly

Move at warp speed with the visibility and insights you need to stay secure, compliant and reliable.

AI purpose-built for security and observability

Accelerate digital resilience with AI that is designed to keep humans in the loop and improve detection, investigation and response.

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The Unified Security and Observability Platform

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AI-powered solutions for security and observability that accelerate detection, investigation and response. Supported by an enterprise-class platform that enables shared data, context and workflows.


Modernize your SOC with unified threat detection, investigation and response across SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and Automated Threat Analysis.


Build a leading observability practice with full stack and OpenTelemetry-native observability from Splunk. Unify workflows for ITOps and engineering teams to fix problems faster while optimizing costs.

Splunk AI

Domain-specific, human-in-the-loop AI to accelerate detection, investigation and response.

Splunk Platform

Monitor, investigate and respond rapidly at scale with comprehensive visibility and shared tooling.

We work with amazing customers.

See why the world’s leading organizations rely on Splunk.


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