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The Unified Security and Observability Platform

Go from visibility to action, fast and at scale.

See the Power of Splunk
Security threats blocked in six months


Security threats blocked in six months

Faster mean time to repair


Faster mean time to repair

Online delivery slots made available in five weeks during pandemic


Online delivery slots made available in five weeks during pandemic

Faster application development


Faster application development

Quantum metrics
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Our technology

How we help you turn data into doing

Our extensible data platform delivers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

  • Security

    Accurate threat detection, rapid investigations and automated response for a stronger security posture and savvier security team.

    Security Overview >
  • Observability

    Real-time visibility and directed troubleshooting cross your entire hybrid envionment: Full fidelity. Full stac. Full stop.

    Observability Overview >
  • Community Built

    Extend the power of splunk with thousand of pre-built applications and add-ons from partners and developers in our community.

  • Custom Built

    What else can you dream up? Create custom apps on our platform to fit your needs.

    Start Creating >
  • The Splunk Platform

    So long, data silos. Bring together data from across your organization's hybrid, multicloud footprint to get meaningful insights and positive business outcomes, at scale.

    Splunk Platform Overview >

Why Splunk?

Innovation is imperative

And your systems need to be secure and resilient to get it right. Use your data to tackle your most important problems, defend against threats and discover game-changing opportunities.

Unlock innovation

Act confidently on every insight, thanks to a contextual view of your data and integrated security and observability.

Enhance security

Protect proactively in the face of greater threat complexity and larger attack surfaces, with a security team of any size.

Drive resilience

Get real-time views of the health and performance of your entire tech stack so you can identify issues and fix them faster.


Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

See why all types of customers rely on Splunk.

Resources and Support

A robust network to help you succeed

Partners across industries so you can get the most out of Splunk.
Active members available to field your questions, share ideas and solve problems.
Splunk experts ready to help you architect, deploy and scale depending on your needs.