SNAP Interactive Finds Anomalies with Machine Learning Analytics


Nick DiSanto, SNAP Interactive, Architecture Lead
Rich Collier, Prelert, Sr. Solutions Engineer


SNAP Interactive, an online social interaction company, relies heavily on Splunk to track user interactions, platform health and business transactions. Their dynamic DevOps environment renders the traditional QA and IT Ops monitoring paradigm impractical.

Join this webinar to hear how SNAP Interactive overcomes the challenges of managing such a diverse data set and makes it proactive in spite of their fast-paced DevOps environment.

In this session, see a live demo of Prelert's Anomaly Detective, a machine learning analytics add-on app for Splunk. Learn how SNAP Interactive uses it to:

  • Implement real-time monitoring without setting thresholds
  • Obtain accurate alerts to important behavioral changes impacting performance
  • Find unknown problems and relationships in critical operations data