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Splunk IT Service Intelligence Interactive Demo

Modernized monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis for every team


Try our new experience to see exactly how Splunk IT Service Intelligence can transform your IT operations in an interactive, walk-through demo. No sandbox required. In this demo, you’ll see ITSI features in action, read about what you’re seeing and understand how it all functions in a working environment.

You’ll experience how Splunk ITSI gives you:

  • End-to-End Visibility Across Services, Apps and Infrastructure
    A powerful unified view provides the insights you need across IT and the business.
  • Faster Problem Resolution With AI-Driven Event Management
    Reduce event noise and clutter and let the right teams take action faster.
  • The Power to Shift From Reactive to Predictive IT
    Leverage predictive analytics like Predictive Health Scores to get teams ahead of problems before they impact the business.

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