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An Empirically Comparative Analysis of Ransomware Binaries

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A lot has been written on ransomware, but many organizations continue to react tactically to these attacks instead of with mindful intent.

The Splunk SURGe team utilized the scientific method in a controlled environment to measure the speed at which 100 samples of ransomware from 10 popular variants encrypted nearly 100,000 files, totaling nearly 53GB, across different Windows operating systems and hardware specifications.

Download your complimentary copy of “An Empirically Comparative Analysis of Ransomware Binaries” to learn:

  • How defenders can gain more knowledge and confidence to move “left of boom” with their detections.
  • What the median time for ransomware variants were to encrypt files and some factors that impacted that time.
  • How the different ransomware variants utilized system resources like processor, memory and disk.

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