brian gilmore

Brian Gilmore

Expertise: Interconnected device and sensor systems, SCADA, DDC and other industrial application management
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debashish choudhuri

Debashish Choudhuri

Expertise: Enterprise Middleware and database technologies, service availability of mission critical infrastructures
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dan goldburt

Dan Goldburt

Expertise: Monitoring and service level management for mission critical applications and infrastructure
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johnathon cervelli

Johnathon Cervelli

Expertise: IT Operations, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), Cloud, Application Management, Big Data
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jeff blake

Jeff Blake

Expertise: Managing high availability databases and infrastructures
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michael wilde

Michael Wilde

Expertise: Whether it's log data from your datacenter, metrics from services running the cloud, the occasional regex, or just about anything else, the Splunk Ninja can help
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marc itzkowitz

Marc Itzkowitz

Expertise: Helping small IT environments improve operational efficiency with log search and analysis
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patrick ogdin

Patrick Ogdin

Expertise: Simplifying system management in UNIX and Linux environments
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nimish doshi

Nimish Doshi

Expertise: Monitoring service-oriented architectures
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paul pang

Paul Pang, CISSP

Expertise: Security assessment, infrastructure security, insider threat, security design and deployment
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simon shelston

Simon Shelston

Expertise: Enhancing partner enterprise management system, application and virtualization solutions with Splunk
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sharad kylasam

Sharad Kylasam

Expertise: Monitoring and management of enterprise infrastructure that use Microsoft technologies
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vi ly

Vi Ly

Expertise: Monitoring and troubleshooting large-scale LAMP and J2EE environments on Linux and Windows, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)
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