Don't Cry

Ransomware has recently gained enough mainstream momentum to affect how security execs allocate budget and structure operations and staffing priorities. Recent incidents are unique in that they combine the worst of older hacking methods – “worm-like” fast propagation – with modern techniques, locking users out of their own data.

Fast detection and remediation is critical to protecting against ransomware – but what’s just as important is finding it all. Without getting visibility into the right areas of your environment, it’s difficult to get a full assessment. And without a central point to analyze all the key evidence, it’s impossible to verify efficiently enough to react. With Splunk, security analysts and operations managers can run a complete ransomware assessment and leave no stone unturned.

You can use Splunk to centrally analyze all key evidence (e.g. endpoint, FW, DNS, web, etc.) to quickly pinpoint the source of infection, scope of infection, and remediation steps needed to prevent damage.

  • End-to-end view of potential ransomware infections
  • Fast validation of infection, method and source of infection
  • Accurate scoping of impact and spread of infection
  • Key insights into how to prevent similar infections
  • Leverages existing security tools and technologies

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