Protect personal information in the digital age

With the broadened scope of the GDPR going into effect in May 2018, which includes requirements for the appropriate technical and organizational measures to mitigate risk and mandatory disclosure of breaches to impacted EU citizens and supervisory bodies, it’s imperative that organizations prepare. Failure to comply with the GDPR, as determined by authorities that will be able to perform data protection audits, could mean fines of up to 20 million euro or up to 4 percent of an organization’s worldwide annual turnover.

Fortunately, compliance doesn’t have to be difficult with easy search and reporting. The Splunk platform helps organizations meet key GDPR compliance needs such as:

  • Detection, prevention and the investigation of breaches (Articles 32/33/34)
  • Prove that your GDPR security controls are in place and enforced (Articles 3/58/82)
  • Search and report on personal data processing (Articles 15/17/18/28)

How machine data plays a critical role in complying with the GDPR

The GDPR has many requirements where machine data can play a critical role in compliance. Splunk has identified three key capabilities where the Splunk platform can help organizations with GDPR readiness — mapping them into scenarios and GDPR articles. These can be applied generically to organizations across many industries.

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Why Splunk for GDPR Compliance?

With Splunk, customers can create correlation rules and reports to instantly identify threats and automatically surface areas of non-compliance. Splunk makes demonstrating compliance in regard to technical controls a frictionless process.

Location Agnostic Indexing

Collect and index log and machine data from any source. Structure and schema are applied only at search time so data can be indexed regardless of format or location.

Flexibility and Reliability

Deliver the scale, security and availability to suit any organization. With Splunk, you can search, alert and report on machine data from virtually any source.

Controlled Data Access

Prove you handled digital records according to law and enforced your obligations. Access controls, comprehensive auditing and security baked into Splunk make this easy.

Easy Reporting

Create reports and dashboards to show the state of compliance with any required technical control for any point in time.

Compliance Reporting

Quickly search through massive amounts of security events and machine data going back days, weeks or months to accelerate incident investigations or satisfy ad hoc requests from auditors 

Intuitive Visual Dashboards

Real-time monitoring that can provide a clear visual picture of the organization’s security posture, with easily customizable views and capabilities to drill down to the raw event data.