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Event Analytics

Event management is dead. It’s time for a new day. Welcome to event analytics at Splunk®. Take your monitoring and troubleshooting from reactive to proactive. Splunk's AI powered by machine learning helps you can reduce event noise, and decrease MTTR and the number of IT incidents.

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Clear Up Your Event Storms With Event Analytics

It's time to free IT from manual event management tasks
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Why Splunk for Event Analytics?

You don't have time to waste. Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) makes it easy to connect to data sources so that you can begin interacting with and receiving the benefits of your data quickly.

Free IT from the manual task of managing all events so they can focus on quickly managing incidents while finding and fixing what’s broken.

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AI powered by machine learning in ITSI simplifies and automates your incident detection, helps detects the root cause quickly and predicts potential future outages so you can prevent them from happening.

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Reduce the noise and identify the problem
Service Analyzer

Visibility Across the IT Stack

Quickly see a high-level view of your IT services, including key performance indicators and service or application health scores.

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Service and Entity Mapping

Machine Learning Makes It Easy

You no longer have to be a data scientist to figure out the root cause of your P1 outage. Splunk's machine learning uses all your relevant machine data to help determine your logical next steps for quick remediation.

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Deep Dives

Find and Fix IT Quickly

Monitor business and service activity in real time, in one place. You can quickly identify the root cause, speed up investigation and alert across multiple KPIs.

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Automate Your Event Monitoring and Remediation

Splunk ITSI integrates with many different apps across our partner ecoystem for out-of-the-box monitoring, automation and remediation workflow tools to help you find what's broken and fix it faster across your IT infrastructure.

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