Application Investigation and Debugging

Get insight into application performance, errors and other attributes that help fix bugs and improve performance.
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splunk real user monitoring (rum) splunk real user monitoring (rum)

Empower developers with streamlined investigations

Fast, Easy Investigations

Quickly search and filter for the logs you want with a no-code experience.

Real-Time Log Views

Asses the health of you applications in real time with Live Tail curated log streams.

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Product Capabilities
Onboard the data quickly and in context
Onboard the data quickly and in context

Easily filter and sort related logs, while quickly exploring traces and metrics with just one click.

Debug in production with Live Tail

Filter and throttle logs for curated Live Tail streams that make assessing the health of your applications simple.

Traces to logs

Go from an application service map into the logs that help identify why issues are happening with a single click.

What can you do with Splunk® Observability Cloud?