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Splunk Life 4 Min Read

What Do Splunkterns Really Work On?

From Splunkterns, for Splunkterns! Splunk's Corporate Communications Intern, Elly Lee, interviews five Splunkterns in various departments to get some insight into their 2020 internship experience.
Splunk Life 4 Min Read

On Sunshine, Mountains, and Splunk: A Software Engineering Co-Op’s Story

In this week’s “Meet the Splunktern” blog series meet Mickey Dang, one of our software engineering interns. Mickey shares his experience as an intern on the Splunk Security Analytics team while living in California.
Splunk Life 3 Min Read

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Virtual Internship

Our Splunkterns share their tips & tricks for working remotely and how to have a successful virtual internship.
Splunk Life 3 Min Read

Meet the Splunktern: Saidy Bah

Welcome to our “Meet the Splunktern” blog series and meet our Sales intern Saidy Bah. She talks about her experience and shares valuable insight into the work day of an intern at Splunk.
Splunk Life 2 Min Read

Splunkternship 2.0: How Splunkterns Will Continue to Drive Innovation from Home

The annual arrival of our summer intern cohort is an event we always look forward to as Splunk is rejuvenated by a wave of fresh energy, new perspectives, and enterprising spirit.
Splunk Life 2 Min Read

Meet the Splunktern: Elizabeth Robbins

Check out the latest in our Meet the Splunktern series! In this edition, we sit down with Legal Intern, Elizabeth Robbins to learn more about her journey at Splunk.
Splunk Life 3 Min Read

Celebrating Katia’s 5-Year Splunkaversary: How Splunk University Recruiting Has Changed

Our University Recruiting Manager, Katia Ratkovich, shares how University Recruiting has evolved during her 5 years at Splunk
Splunk Life 4 Min Read

Internships at Splunk: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Splunker Katia Ratkovich answers some of the most-commonly asked questions about internships at Splunk
Splunk Life 2 Min Read

Meet the Splunktern: Anne-Marie Chun

Splunk4Good sponsors another Splunkternship, sharing knowledge about Meals on Wheels, assembling food kits & introducing newest multilingual Splunktern.