Webinar: The Future of AIOps – Accelerate IT Ops with Machine Learning

Today’s Business Needs an Evolution in IT Operations

The best way for IT to innovate is to operate with intelligence. This means you must:

Get more value from data

Master how you aggregate, analyze, correlate and use data with a modern platform to operationalize your insights

Remove barriers and silos

Integrate your tools and workflows to simplify, automate and improve your team’s ability to operate and collaborate

Drive business growth

Collaborate with business leaders to make more informed decisions, solve problems faster and efficiently drive data-led outcomes

Why Should I Care About AIOps?

Machine learning and big data—the brains behind AIOps—empower IT
to proactively contribute to business performance and be recognized for it

Get answers and insights for everyone

Gain valuable insights into past, present and future patterns of IT systems and service performance.

Find and solve problems faster

Reduce downtime by improving root-cause analysis and remediation. Detect patterns to identify indicators of incidents and reduce irrelevant alerts.

Automate incident response and resolution

Streamline incident workflows to accelerate resolution. Automate manual tasks and reduce bottlenecks to accelerate the speed of business.

Predict future outcomes

Forecast on IT costs and optimize return on assets (ROA) with learnings from historical analysis. Better predict points of failure or saturation to proactively improve the operational environment.

Continually learn to take more informed actions

Detect outliers, adapt thresholds, alert on anomalous patterns, and adapt learning over time to deeply understand your environment.

The Splunk Platform for AIOps

More Integration, More Capabilities

Bridge the operational divide with powerful integrations to streamline troubleshooting, incident response/resolution and automation workflows.

  • Capitalize on your existing investments with a rich ecosystem of ready-to-use technology integrations
  • Close the data divide and operate collaboratively with custom pivots on the same data
  • Enable flexible integrations for automation and incident workflows
AI Made Easy for the Enterprise

Because knowing your current state is only half the battle—you need to predict what’s coming too. Transform your IT operations from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics, so you can act with insight and foresight.

  • Machine learning isn’t as hard as it seems—get started with purpose-built packaged algorithms
  • Find patterns and real-time correlations to identify anomalies and predict and prevent operational disruptions
  • Drive inferences with the Machine Learning Toolkit for focused investigation, predictive actions and better business results
                 IT Service Intelligence                  Machine Learning
Visualizations That Do the Talking

Make the data meaningful with visualizations that support your decisions and communicate results. Ask new questions, spot trends and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Organize data into informational summaries with an operational and business lens
  • Quickly convert meaningful insights into actionable analytics
  • Uncover insights on-the-fly with interactive dashboards
  • Empower everyone to extract meaningful insights to better understand and improve operational and business performance
                 Splunk ITSI for Service Insights                  Splunk ITSI for Event Analytics
Make Your Data Go the Distance

Stretch beyond traditional IT boundaries to collect and analyze all types of machine data in real time

  • Scale quickly and harness petabytes of data generate across your enterprise
  • Correlate IT and business activity to better observe, engage and act with intelligence
  • Ensure success with incremental adoption—get started and be expandable
  • Deliver insights across the environment you have today and the environment you will have tomorrow
                 What is Machine Data?

Splunk and AIOps - Let Your Data Make an Impact

Artificial intelligence in Splunk enables you to use the power of machine learning to predict performance, prevent outages, automate incident response and resolution workflows. Make IT better so it can to respond strategically to the challenges (and opportunities) of the digital era.

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