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Faculty and students at more than 100 universities around the world use Splunk's software platform to understand how real-time Operational Intelligence drives innovation in the 21st century. Learning applied big data analytics, gaining practical cybersecurity skills and gathering research insights from sources as diverse and specialized as medical records or weather data are all examples of how these cutting-edge institutions leverage Splunk software.

With an active community, free documentation and plenty of training and education courses available, Splunk offers resources to help you make the most of your Splunk license.

The following resources are available to assist your institution in its mission of discovering and disseminating knowledge:

university of texas at austin logoSplunk at University of Texas at Austin

"We use Splunk software daily and it's critical to our operations. It makes us better equipped to detect new anomalies and respond to them quickly. Without it, we would be far less effective—I'm sure of that."

-Cam Beasley, CISO, Information Security Office

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