Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

Sysadmins are a big part of Splunk culture. They were our first customers, and many of the movers and shakers within the organization are former or current sysadmins. Few roles see as many different types of machine data go by in an average day.

I found an article about Sysadmin Appreciation Day today, and they suggested some gifts. Maybe a premium beer, some chocolate or gift certificate to something nerdy. As a person rooted in system administration, I support all those as great ideas but let me propose another one…

The same way that the role of the ever typing secretary changed with the advent of computers running word processing, the life of a sysadmin can really take wings when they don’t have to shell into system after system to find out what went wrong after an alert or outage. Gaining scope and detail is a rare gift when dealing with multi-component troubleshooting, and Splunk’s base offering brings that to many system administration challenges. I was a Splunk user before I was an employee, and it really does make a difference to put the right tools in the hands of those who benefit most from them. Maybe the best gift is to help get the big picture quickly, react with precision, and report with clarity.

(which in turn makes a lot more time for premium beer, chocolate and spending gift certificates)


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