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Insider threat detection

Insider threats can be hard to detect. Observe anomalous behavior to identify threats fast and minimize risk.



Insiders know where to hit you the hardest

More than two-thirds of attacks or data loss come from insiders either accidentally — or on purpose. Insiders have an advantage, since they have access to the environment. Which means insider threats are among the hardest to catch and most successful in exfiltrating valuable company and customer data.


Catch insiders before they strike

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Crack the code

Understanding user and entity behavior — and its context — is the key to uncovering insider threats.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Search and destroy

Proactive threat hunting is essential to find and neutralize malicious insiders.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Smarter security

Infuse the latest threat intelligence and insights to uncover emerging threats.


Enhance visibility and detection

Automate threat detection using machine learning so you can spend more time hunting. Utilize higher fidelity behavior-based alerts for quick review and resolution.

Splunk UBA is giving us deep insight into our insider threat and what our trusted users are doing at any given instant. 

Martin Luitermoza, Associate Vice President, NASDAQ

Accelerate threat hunting

Use deep investigative capabilities and powerful behavior baselines on any entity, anomaly or threat.


Expert security knowledge at your fingertips

Integrate threat research into your security operations center to streamline workflows and detect insider threats faster.


A unified security operations platform

Our integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed technologies to help you detect, manage, investigate, hunt, contain and remediate threats.

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Detect insider threats using Splunk integrations

Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk SOAR support thousands of applications that expand Splunk’s capabilities in security, all available for free on Splunkbase. 

Learn more about insider threat detection

Insider threat detection is a method of monitoring and identifying threats posed from inside an organization. One part of an organization’s overall IT security strategy, the purpose of insider threat detection is to understand and prevent insider threats as much as possible.

Insider threats are a class of cybersecurity threats typically grouped into one of three categories: negligent, compromised and malicious.

A negligent insider is someone unaware of the dangers of opening phishing emails or sharing credentials. This is an individual who has good intentions but is often poorly trained on security best practices or is simply not careful. A compromised insider is someone whose credentials have been compromised already and a malicious actor is able to use their credentials to access secure data or applications without detection.

A malicious insider is someone inside the organization who is actively working to bring harm or cause an incident within the environment.

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