Splunk Blogs - The Key to Enterprise Resilience


Building Digital Resilience for SecOps, ITOps and DevOps

Splunk announces innovations and enhancements to the unified security and observability platform to help customers mitigate these challenges and build digital resilience.


Strengthen Digital Resilience with Unified Security Operations

Splunk Mission Control offers a unified, simplified, and modernized security operations experience which reduces complexity and reduces risk.


New Splunk Observability Innovations Deliver Accelerated Troubleshooting for Engineering Teams

Splunk Observability Cloud has several new enhancements to help engineering teams cut through the noise and troubleshoot faster with increased visibility across their environments and a more unified approach to incident response.


Introducing Edge Processor: Next Gen Data Transformation

Splunk Edge Processor, a service offering within Splunk Cloud Platform, is designed to help customers achieve greater efficiencies in data transformation close to the data source, and improved visibility into data in motion.


The Power of Tech Education: A Splunk Education Podcast Series

In this limited podcast series with Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, we dive into the future of data and security as it relates to the widening skills gap and discuss the state of technology education.


Data Preparation Made Easy: SPL2 for Edge Processor

Announcing the General Availability of the SPL2 Profile for Edge Processor, containing the specific subset of powerful SPL2 commands and functions that can be used to control and transform data behavior within Edge Processor.

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