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5 Cybersecurity Tips So You Can Sleep at Night

Organizations need to be ready to respond and recover when an incident occurs. Splunk's Jason Lee shares five tips on preparing for a cyberattack.

Splunk Life

How Splunk’s Black Employees and Mentors ERG Turned Data into Doing at Tech Slam Austin

Splunk’s BEAMs ERG and allies turned data into doing by participating in a volunteer opportunity: Tech Slam Formula 1 event to showcase Splunk products to underrepresented youth and bridge the opportunity gap.

Splunk for Good

Honoring our Heroes: Creating Inclusive Workplaces for Veterans to Thrive

Splunk's Rolddy Leyva shares a closer look at how we support veterans at Splunk and shares tips on how companies can create inclusive workplaces to support veterans transitioning into the workforce.


The Holiday Season Is Around the Corner, Are You Ready?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you need to ensure your alert severity levels are adjusted accordingly for all your services and KPIs.


Splunk Security Award-Winning Momentum in 2022

See why analysts continue to recognize that Splunk Security is a must-have when it comes to the need for SIEM and SOAR solutions.


OpenTelemetry, Auto-Instrumentation and Splunk Observability Cloud: A Jump Start

Discover how to build or deploy an application or microservices with auto-instrumentation of OpenTelemetry – possibly in less time than it takes for delivery.

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