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Observability for the Public Sector: Greater Visibility for a More Resilient Digital Future

Discover key observability insights, challenges and trends from leaders across the public sector.


Threat Hunting for Dictionary-DGA with PEAK

Explore applied model-assisted threat hunting for dictionary-based domain generation algorithms using the SURGe Security Research Team's PEAK Threat Hunting Framework.

Splunk Life

August 2023 Living Our Values Award Winners

Congratulations to the August 2023 'Living Our Values' award winners who truly embody Splunk's core values as a company!

Customers & Community

Your Self-Managed Journey to Digital Resilience

No matter your industry, starting point, or organizational size, the Use Case Explorers for Security and Observability will help you improve digital resilience.

Tips & Tricks

Dashboard Studio: How to Configure Show/Hide and Token Eval in Dashboard Studio

Learn how to eval tokens and configure conditional show/hide in Dashboard Studio with examples.


Splunk and the Four Golden Signals

A discussion of applying the Four Golden Signals of Monitoring to a Splunk monitoring use case.

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