Splunk Remote Work Insights - Now Available on Mobile!

The way we work has fundamentally changed in recent months due to the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As more employees are working remotely, organizations are looking at new ways to ensure their workers can stay productive and secure. We released Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) to help IT and security teams have insight into the systems that their employees rely upon while working remotely. 

Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) aggregates and visualizes log data that already exists across IT and security systems, helping customers monitor performance of critical activities. RWI is a solution composed of technical add-ons, dashboards and connectors that provides a unified view across business operations. RWI dashboards provide visibility across performance of multiple disparate systems and applications, such as VPN, Microsoft 365, Zoom and Okta. IT teams can address performance and uptime of mission-critical business applications and security teams can get real-time insight into the posture of the business and address vulnerabilities of their underlying infrastructure. 

Introducing Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) on Mobile

For those who run their lives on their phone, we’re excited to announce that Splunk Remote Work Insights is now natively available in the Splunk Mobile app (iOS, Android). Not only can users view their dashboards on a mobile device, but these enhancements also enable users to scroll through panels for a quick overview or tap to expand each panel and see more details. 

These dashboards were built to render flawlessly on the mobile app so customers who are away from a computer can still have access to real-time information no matter where they are, on the go or at any hour of the day. Understanding how systems and networks are performing in real-time is critical to running remote operations and we are proud to offer Splunk Remote Work Insights as a free tool to help our customers adjust to this new work environment during these unprecedented times. Participating customers are eligible for a complimentary 90-day Splunk Cloud environment that offers both executive and operational level dashboards, as well as expert guidance.

Splunk is Committed to Our Customers' Data Privacy

We take our customer and employee data privacy seriously and we extend that same care to building solutions and services like RWI. Read more about our Principles for Enabling Remote Workforces here

We Appreciate Your Feedback

The teams at Splunk are focused on providing real solutions to meet our customers’ needs in this current climate. Vist the COVID-19 response page on to learn more about our work and get started with resources for Remote Work Insights such as instructions, queries and add-ons.

We love getting ideas from you and are interested in hearing how RWI could be improved to meet your needs. The Splunk Community site is a great place to share your thoughts and hear from others. Please continue providing your feedback and let’s tackle these challenges together!

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