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Remote Work Insights

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Whether you're on-prem or in the cloud, don't struggle to manage the growth of your remote workforce

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Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) is designed to help ease uncertainty and tackle challenges presented by a rapidly growing remote workforce. Participating customers receive a complimentary Splunk Cloud environment for a defined period (usually 90 days) that offers both executive and operational level dashboards and expert guidance for real-time IT and security visibility across multiple systems such as VPN, authentication, Zoom and Microsoft 365.

Common reasons for a guided cloud experience
  • Your organization does not have a good deal of Splunk expertise in house and/or has recently lost Splunk resources.
  • The group looking to gain this visibility in your organization is not a Splunk user and is dependent on another internal team to help explore new use cases.
  • The Splunk users may have a full plate and do not have time to onboard and configure new use cases.
  • The team that owns Splunk is not able to make the Splunk platform available for use by other internal teams.
  • Your organization is waiting for additional hardware and not able to add new use cases until it arrives.