We Have Our Trellis Contest Winners

A month ago we launched a contest for the new Trellis Layout feature in Splunk Enterprise 6.6, and I'm pleased to announce that we have our winners!

In third place, Clara Merriman of Sonifi depicts purchase trends:

This dashboard shows the top [Splunk-ified] movie purchases for each top 12 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in a seven day time window. It also shows a week over week trend for the average price of a movie purchase in each of those DMAs.
- Clara Merriman









In second place, Kyle Smith of Aplura shows vehicle comparisons:

The top row of the dashboard is a “Scatterplot Matrix” diagram, trellis-split by vehicle. The diagram compares 2 vehicles to each other as a whole, but within each scatterplot matrix, it compares GPH, MPG, MPH, RPM by trip. So I have, in essence, 6 dimensions (vehicle, trip, GPH, MPG, MPH, RPM) compared within a single visualization panel. Each different color on the scatterplot is a different trip. This is important. As you can see, in the RPM vs MPH scatterplot for the 2009_GMC_YukonXL, you see anomalies (dots higher above the line). These dots were when the vehicle was towing a 7500lb Travel Trailer. (RPM vs MPH) between the two vehicles can also be compared quite easily.
The second row of the dashboard is a set of column charts. It compares AVG MPG (miles per gallon), AVG MPH (miles per hour), % Fuel Alcohol (the % of bioalcohol (flex fuel - ethanol)), and Gallons per hour (AVG GPH) for each vehicle. This chart was created using the “split by aggregation” feature of trellis, and would work for a number of different comparison points.
- Kyle Smith

One of our judges said:

Kyle's VehicleData stood out for me as his best because that one I could visually understand without much context.


In first place, Matt Zerfas, also of Sonifi, graphed WiFi Signal Coverage: submission for the trellis contest... is displaying the Wi-Fi signal strength reading that we monitor from every Chromecast we have installed in each room on 40 floors. I created custom tiles of the hotel's floor plan so I could overlay the readings from each room using a custom choropleth map that I made. This data helps us and the hotel visually see where there are weak spots in their Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hotel.
- Matt Zerfas

My favorite quote about this entry from one of the judges is:

The combination of the trellis plus the custom choropleth map made a very compelling and simple-to-understand visual. It also looks very professional. It was the one graph that I understood at a single glance.

Congratulations to our winners! Your credits to the Splunk Store will be deposited shortly.

Thank you to everyone that entered, and we hope you had as much fun creating as we did judging.

Winners were selected by a panel of Splunk employees and members of the SplunkTrust.

For more information about Trellis, check out this blog post.

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