Become a Splunk Trustee

SplunkTrust members are the most dedicated members of the Splunk community. They assist other members, participate in events, demonstrate the power of Splunk’s products and services, and help us identify future product needs. In turn we reward them with FREE .conf passes, education, snazzy fezzes, and more.

The main criteria for selection are:

  • Helpful—Trust members participate in Splunk Q&A forums, attend official Splunk events, build Splunk apps, and are just generally helpful to other Community members in all sorts of ways!
  • Technical—Trust members know our products and services, and can provide technical guidance and ideas.
  • Knowledgeable—Trust members know the answer - or at least know where to find it.
  • Available—Trust members spend time participating in community activities to help increase the abilities of the whole Community


Visit the "Get Started with Splunk Community" manual to learn how you can help and contribute to the global user community.