SplunkLive! Virtual, Bringing Data-to-Everything to a Screen Near You

Due to COVID-19, SplunkLive! went virtual and we are so grateful that many of you joined us. Nowadays you have a lot of online options and we're grateful you choose to spend that time with Splunk. 

We ran three events in three time zones over three days to support the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. We offered simu-live content that included great keynote stories with Splunk leaders and fantastic customer speakers, a robust partner zone, technical breakout sessions, and thousands of people connecting with each other. It was so inspiring to see how such a diverse set of organizations across the world are using their data to help them respond to a global pandemic whilst continuing to transform their businesses and organizations. 

The Americas

The day started with Splunk CTO Tim Tully presenting “The Data Age” along with the Splunk Data-to-Everything vision and platform overview. He was joined by Sam Rastin, the CTO of Benefits Data Trust—their mission is to help millions of citizens get access to benefits and welfare which ensures their financial stability. BDT is going through a cloud transformation and started using Splunk through our Splunk Pledge program. Sam spoke about how Splunk is a pillar of their security landscape and how Splunk has supported them through the pandemic and their plans for the future. 

Following Sam was Paul Reeves from University of Arizona, which is using Splunk in its SOC to secure key services on-campus. UA had to transition to a fully remote teaching environment with two weeks’ notice. This increased demand on the network meant devices, people, and data may not have been properly secured and VPN access dramatically increased. Paul spoke about how they monitored this remote usage with the Splunk Remote Work Insights app along with their Zoom data; as well as covered the university’s plans to support students that may be coming back to university in the fall.  

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James Hodge (Splunk’s Chief Technology Advisor) opened the EMEA iteration of SplunkLive! Virtual with a brilliant customer story. Florent Lévêque from hospitality organization Accor (which includes brands such as Sofitel, Fairmont, Mercure) delighted us with a presentation on Splunk as their Data-to-Everything platform across development, IT operations, and cybersecurity use cases. He showed how data underpins key business initiatives such as Accor’s new loyalty program, as well as how they have been using Splunk to help manage the recent COVID-19 crisis and plans for reopening.

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At the APAC program, Tim Tully again presented his keynote, this time chatting with Jonathan Pineda, the CISO and Data Protection Officer at the Government Service Insurance System in The Philippines. GSIS is a top government owned corporation that provides social security and financial benefits to 3 million government employees and their dependents as well as insures the main assets of the country. Jonathan spoke about his time at GSIS, the evolution of their cybersecurity strategy, how they came to choose Splunk, and how this helps them monitor their security posture not only at work but also from home as required during the pandemic. He also spoke about how their use of Splunk is expanding into giving insight into the claims process, operations, and data processing. 

The second APAC customer that Tim spoke with was Michael Berndt, the Chief Customer Experience Officer at eHealth Queensland. This is a large government operation that provides centralized IT support to the State’s 16 Hospital and Health Services as well as the Department of Health. Michael discussed the scale of the agencies that he serves as well as the geographical mass across which his teams are spread. Not to mention, being responsible for IT in healthcare is critical! Due to the urgent nature of his business, a realization hit him upon a necessity to close a physical call-center during an imminent cyclone. Diverting their toll-free number to a single mobile was beyond unacceptable. It was untenable. They found that implementing Splunk provided an ability to manage and monitor their data and systems real-time. 

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Thank you everyone who attended, and to our wonderful partners and Splunk community. 

Hopefully, we’ll be back with you, in person, at a SplunkLive! near you next year. 

Thank you also for taking a moment to read, and thank you to Matt Davies for the collaboration on this blog post.

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