Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Tom is a software technologist with a long history of applying cutting edge technologies to solve intriguing business problems.  He has a long history with innovative startups including Powersoft, Silverstream, Wily Technology , Pivotal, New Relic and now Splunk. Tom has navigated major technology shifts from the mainframe, through client/server and web technologies into today’s world of “big data,” microservices, containers, cloud native and DevOps.  He loves being on the leading edge of technology and applying those technologies to solve real-world problems.

Official Title:

Staff ITOA Practitioner

What You Really Do:

Technology Evangelist/Sales Engineering/Product Development/Problem Solving

First Day at Splunk:

June 1, 2016


Golf, wine & bleeding edge tech

Favorite Quote:

"Be more concerned w/ character than reputation; character is what you really are, reputation is merely what others think you are"

– John Wooden

Favorite Movie:

Tin Cup

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