Scott Tousley

Scott Tousley

Before Splunk, Scott was Deputy Director, Cyber Security Division, DHS Science & Technology where he helped lead the cyber security research division for DHS, DHS’s involvement in Smart Cities, and Incident Response Teams research. Scott worked on developing and implementing R&D strategies for DHS’ role in strengthening national critical infrastructure and cyber security capabilities, engaging the cyber security research community and academic, corporate and operating research organizations. He was also the lead DHS representative/contributor to the 2016 National AI and AI research strategies. Much of Scott’s professional experience has oriented on all areas of applied research and development – requirements, architectures, systems analysis and experimentation, venture capital and investment, commercialization, etc.

Official Title:

Director, Public Safety

What You Really Do:

Business development re: public safety, physical infrastructure and innovation


Public service, technology / challenges, singing, soccer, travel

Favorite Quote:

"Row well, and live."

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