Sourabh Satish

Sourabh has had an accomplished 24+ year career in cyber security. With 189 issued and 47 pending patents, he is building and leading the way to the next generation of innovative security technologies for Splunk. Sourabh was co-founder and CTO for Phantom, where he and his team built a leading, innovative and enterprise grade Security Orchestration and Automation product. The product is in use by many security operations teams around the world. Sourabh joined Splunk when Phantom was acquired by Splunk in 2018. Sourabh brings incredible intellectual and engineering horsepower, maturity and experience to the Splunk team needed to build world-class enterprise products. His in-depth understanding of complex computing systems and internals and experience implementing a wide array of security technologies, particularly in machine learning and big data analytics, enables him to solve some of the most complex security problems. Sourabh has had a long and established career in the security industry at companies like Symantec and Axent where he has led the development of wide variety of security products and cutting-edge threat detection technologies that ship in both enterprise and consumer products. Sourabh holds a Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Sourabh is an avid speaker in the industry. He has been pivotal in defining standards in areas like VOIP Security, OpenC2 and also serves as an Advisor to many Silicon Valley security startups who seek his expertise in cyber security.

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