Kumar Varun

Kumar Varun

Kumar Varun is a Sr. Product Manager at Splunk and focuses on building next-generation analytics tools and experiences. Prior to Splunk, he was Sr. Product Manager, Analytics and AI at Cray Supercomputers where he built a high-performance full-stack data science platform for commercial and scientific computing markets. He is an electrical engineer by training with Bachelors and Masters from IIT, Bombay and an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business. He started his career at Motorola Semiconductors where he worked for 10 years in different engineering and management roles.

Official Title:

Sr. Product Manager, Analytics

What You Really Do:

Build next-gen tools and platform to accelerate time to insights


Cooking, Traveling, Teaching

Favorite Quote:

"In God we trust, all others must bring data."

– W. Edward. Deming

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