Kelcie Bourne

Kelcie currently calls Melbourne, Australia home and is a Security Strategist at Splunk as part of the SURGe team. Kelcie's passion for cybersecurity really began with a childhood dream of one day becoming a spy, but her journey professionally began originally as an SE in the commercial patch in Australia. Here, she dealt mostly with customers building out their security posture and developing security maturity.

Prior to this, Kelcie has a background across different domains in data science. As part of SURGe, Kelcie supports their security research efforts across APAC and globally.

official title:

Security Strategist

What you really do:

Strive to slay cyber threats with cool maths


Music production, bouldering, hiking, discovering new live music and recently, skateboarding (whilst trying not to fall).

Favorite Quote:

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much" - Oscar Wilde