Brianna Blacet

Brianna Blacet

Brianna is a career science writer/editor, having written in many contexts (from print journalism to ads...and everything in between) about a variety of business topics, including cybersecurity, health, medicine, pharmacy, software, hardware, and more. She's also written and edited a lot of less-commercial content about subjects she's passionate about, including SCUBA, yoga, and her own quirky outlook on the universe. If you want to endear yourself to Brianna, ask to see her shark pictures!

Official Title:

Senior Staff Technical Writer

What You Really Do:

Write analytic stories for the ESCU app, blog for the Security Research team & serve as a relentless avenger of substandard prose.


Writing (duh), cybersecurity, cooking, SCUBA diving with sharks and on deep wrecks

Favorite Quote:

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

- Douglas Adams

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