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Data Stream Processor

Collect, process and distribute data to Splunk and other destinations in milliseconds with real-time stream processing.

data-stream-processing data-stream-processing

Continuously collect high-velocity, high-volume data from diverse sources and distribute insights to multiple destinations in milliseconds

improve-compliance-and-data-privacy improve-compliance-and-data-privacy

Improve compliance and data privacy

Improve compliance with GDPR and other regulations by masking sensitive information and controlling which destinations receive specific subsets of data

continuous-real-time-insights continuous-real-time-insights

Reap continuous, real-time business insights

Use data manipulation functions to spot early trends or patterns in data and prevent or quickly respond to business opportunities and threats

boost-operational-efficiency boost-operational-efficiency

Boost operational efficiency

A single place to manage and distribute data from multiple sources, DSP leverages graphical UI to reduce coding as well as pipeline logic and machine learning to automatically design and execute data pipelines

Product Capabilities

Collect unstructured or structured data from multiple sources and quickly turn large volumes of raw data into rich, contextual insights

Transform and Take Action on Data in Motion

Perform real-time searches to detect specific conditions that occur on the stream. Aggregate or filter out data that meets specific conditions and mask sensitive or private information.

transform-and-take-action-on-data-in-motion transform-and-take-action-on-data-in-motion
enterprise-wide-data-delivery enterprise-wide-data-delivery

Enterprise-Wide Data Delivery

Give users access to all data streaming or distribute subsets of it to varying destinations. Built atop Apache Pulsar – our underlying streaming engine, DSP guarantees data delivery and scales as your organization grows.

mars mars


Mars Lands and Expands Its Data Capabilities With Splunk

It was initially looking like Splunk would be one among many tools in a larger platform. But as new capabilities like DSP are rolled out, we’re starting to see it more as a platform. It’s flexible, we don’t have to buy other capabilities and integrations are being continuously built in.

Greg Poniatowski, Area Leader of Information Security, Mars, Inc.

Bring data to every question, decision and action with Splunk.