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Splunk Observability vs. New Relic monitoring

Discover why Splunk is ranked a leader in observability, with the ability to support mulicloud and hybrid cloud environments

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Why Splunk Observability Cloud

Many legacy tools on the market today weren’t designed to handle the complex demands of cloud-native technologies and microservices applications, putting your application availability and customer experience at risk. 

Splunk Observability Cloud allows you to prevent service interruptions, and respond faster to user-impacting issues with full-fidelity visibility, and AI-driven correlations from front-end issues to back-end root causes. Built to support any environment, we offer a proven platform with a simple pricing structure that helps teams deliver better results faster.

New Relic vs Splunk

SplunkNew Relic
End-to-end full-fidelity tracing so you won’t miss an anomaly or outlier

Streaming analytics architecture analyzes metric time series as they are generated so you can get visualizations and alerts in seconds

Identify root cause at a glance with a single view of all errors and latency cross-tabbed by all the tags in your system

Native incident response as part of your troubleshooting workflow for faster mean-time-to-acknowledge

Native web optimization that runs through 300+ best practices to help you create the best user experience

One of the top contributors to OpenTelemetry, maintain control of your data

Why Splunk Observability Cloud?

Speed and Efficiency

  • Our streaming architecture and AI-driven analytics alert on problems and recommend actionable insights in seconds, compared to minutes with other tools 
  • Splunk Observability Cloud empowers developers with modern, high performance tools, so that they can reduce MTTR by up to 90%
  • Splunk offers the only end-to-end full-fidelity NoSample™ distributed tracing solution that stores the data of every single trace.

Platforms built for today’s Data Age

  • Designed to address the complexities of cloud-native environments.
  • The industry’s most advanced observability suite, bringing together out-of-the-box Kubernetes monitoring,full-fidelity APM and RUM, comprehensive logs, synthetic monitoring with Web Optimization, and intelligent incident response
  • The only end-to-end full-fidelity solution to help you find ANY user-impacting issue.
  • Committed to open source data collection and OpenTelemetry
  • Domain-centric AI analyzes and learns based on all your data.
  • A superior UI with a dynamic service map that allows you to identify the root cause of errors at a glance.
  • Contextual links between metrics, traces, and logs to easily understand how your applications are behaving.

Industry Leader and the only Outperformer*


“Splunk has been ranked No. 1 in Gartner’s latest Market Share Analysis for IT Operations Management**”

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