More than a partner: Splunk partner LC Systems teaches big data to public school students in Switzerland

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Talking to Erich Mueller, a public school teacher and engineering consultant with Splunk partner LC Systems, data analytics is a hot topic in public schools around the world. In Switzerland, apprentices learn about topics such as software programming, system staging, software deployment, database and directory service administration, backup and restore, etc. So why introduce Splunk at public schools? Much like the rest of us, students need to learn how to use tools that help make log data more accessible and usable from all of these sources. With this in mind, Erich started a class a couple of years ago at Berufsschule BBB Baden in Switzerland called “Big Data and Data Analytics.”

The class began in 2015 with 16 students; in 2016 enrollment grew to 20. Students learn a lot about how to use Splunk, including how to plan a data analytics infrastructure; how to create basic use cases; and how to use Splunk to realize those use cases.

During the six-month intensive class – one day per week, three courses per day – students begin with a Splunk training supported by LC Systems, a Splunk Business Partner that supports projects and customers across Europe in industries such insurance, financial services and manufacturing.

Following the introductory session, students can work at their own speed with lab exercises prepared specifically for this course, leveraging use cases in Splunk. To complete the class, students are required to define Splunk use cases, write a statement of work, and provide screenshots of their work. Successful completion earns students a certificate of completion for “Big Data & Data Analytics Level 1.”

It’s exciting to learn data analytics topics with a software which is great in the usability and performance to organize unstructured data”

Expanding our reach

This course is just one example of literally hundreds of schools around the world that are now teaching Splunk. And this isn’t just because Splunk is an interesting product – it’s because data is growing, jobs are in demand, and Splunk is becoming an essential tool for the workforce of tomorrow. It’s also because our community of passionate Splunkers see the value in building these skills and teaching young people.

With this in mind, the Splunk Pledge is being applied in ways we never could have imagined. Community colleges and workforce development programs, veterans’ organizations, and job training programs for opportunity youth are all recognizing that Splunk is not only a valuable tool and skillset, but a skill that can lead to well paid jobs and employment opportunities. Splunk customers have requested that these programs prepare interns and employees, and universities are incorporating Splunk as an essential component of courses in data analytics, engineering, and even business and marketing. We’re filling the pipe aggressively, yet demand still dramatically outstrips supply.

Get involved

As we enter a new era of explosive growth here at Splunk, we need to think creatively about how we can grow our skills, support our communities, and grow our business – all at once. The Splunk Pledge can help support important causes championed by employees, customers and partners. It can also help us get Splunk into the hands of students, researchers, and job-seekers. And it gives us more than 65,000 hours of paid time per year to volunteer for causes important to us.

How can you help?

Pledge your time to community. How do you want to give back? Teaching a class? Volunteering at your children’s school? Responding to a disaster? Let us know how you want to spend your time – whether employee, customer, or partner.

Spread the word about the Splunk Pledge. It is our $100 million our commitment to research, education and community service.

Share your stories! We want to hear your stories of how you are giving back, and how we can help.






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