Use process insights to help improve experiences, efficiency and revenue

Splunk empowers business operations professionals with process insights. Achieve transparency by correlating data and events from siloed systems to visualize and explore processes as they actually behave. Explore variances and identify root cause across processes.

Improve and Optimize the business

Splunk® Business Flow


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  • Premium solution for Business Operations & LOB organizations
  • Explore any process via simple, intuitive visualizations and discovery
  • Identify and explore variances across end-to-end processes
  • Side-by-side A/B comparison
  • Filter and drill down into specific attributes or time ranges of business process
  • Unlimited Users
  • Available as a cloud service
  • Requires Splunk Enterprise License; Data ingestion per day to support Splunk Business Flow must be licensed separately
  • Standard support included. Premium support available
* All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars. International prices vary. Check out our pricing FAQ.

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Do you have pricing questions? Here are a few answers to very common questions you may have.

Substantial Customer Value

If you find yourself wondering, "Isn't that a lot to pay for log search?," you may be looking at Splunk products the wrong way. Learn how Splunk offers so much more.

The Right Pricing for the Right Use Case

You might think that Splunk software is priced only on data ingestion but—like the problems you're trying to solve—one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

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Other Ways To Buy

There are multiple ways to get Splunk. Learn more about alternative channels tailored to your needs.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a sales channel that makes it easy to offer Splunk software solutions that run on the AWS cloud.


Sell partners provide software licenses to our mutual customers. This includes value-added resellers boutique resellers, corporate resellers and the distribution partners that support them.

Public Sector

Splunk products and services are available for purchase through a variety of partners and contract vehicles supporting Government and Education customers. Visit our distributor Carahsoft for more details.