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Splunk Cloud Platform Pricing

Ingest More Data and Get More Out of Your Compute with Workload Pricing

Search, analyze, visualize and act on your data with this flexible, secure and cost effective data platform service.

Splunk® Cloud Platform

Fastest time-to-value

Available pricing plans:
Workload pricing

  • Unlimited users and ability to scale to unlimited amounts of data per day
  • Stream, filter, aggregate and search your data
  • Analyze with Machine Learning, monitor, visualize, report, and alert on your data
  • Aggregate, index, search, analyze, visualize, monitor and alert on your data
  • Mission-critical performance, scale and reliability with 100% uptime SLA
  • Store up to 90 days of data and access dynamic data: self-storage or active archive
  • Get started on your Security and IT use cases quickly with curated guidance provided by the ready-to-use InfoSec for Security and IT Essentials apps
  • Standard support included, Premium support available

Ways to Buy

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