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Explore Splunk pricing options that align with your business needs. Our goal is to help you get more value from your data. Whether you need predictability or the flexibility to scale, you have options with Splunk.

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Choose a plan based on your business drivers

Work with your data, your way. With a variety of pricing models to choose from, you can find the approach that works best for you.


Workload Pricing

Align what you pay with the types of workload running with Splunk Platform. This pricing plan makes it very economical to bring more data into Splunk that are less frequently searched.

Ingest Pricing

Pay based on the amount of data you bring into the Splunk Platform. This is a simple, predictable approach that makes it very economical to run additional searches and expand use cases on data once they have been ingested into Splunk.


Entity Pricing

Tap into a predictable, controllable plan that is based on the number of hosts using Splunk observability products.

Activity-based pricing

Connect costs directly to activities being monitored by Splunk observability products like metric time series (MTS), traces analyzed per minute, sessions or uptime requests.


Product Pricing Options

Understand your costs by Splunk product

Find the right pricing approach based on the solutions you use. Our goal is to help you make the most of your Splunk investments.

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Feature FAQs

Get your questions answered

Find out more about your pricing options.

We have pricing options for predictability and flexibility. See our brochure for details about each model.

No. We give you the flexibility to choose the pricing model that fits your needs. You can decide to move to a different pricing program or keep your existing one.

These pricing pages are designed to answer all your questions. Explore the Workload Pricing page and the Ingest Pricing page. You can also contact us for additional details or to discuss which pricing option is right for you.



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