Executives are facing a rapidly changing environment that is increasingly digital and generating more data, from more sources, than ever before. This brings with it the opportunity to gain real-time business insights, but only if they can access and make sense of the data. Learn how Splunk customers are enabling digital transformation with machine data.
Gatwick Airport
Splunk has helped Gatwick to deliver the best possible passenger experience, getting 95 percent of passengers through main airport security in five minutes or less.
AAA Western and Central New York
AAA WCNY learned that its data held valuable insights into its business and helped it to achieve its mission of providing a superior customer experience.
Kurt Geiger
Through real-time insights from data across its business, Kurt Geiger has taken a proactive approach to maintaining website performance, eliminating friction in its sales and customer experience.
Cox Automotive
The Splunk platform has helped Cox Automotive reduce the number of auction incidents by 90 percent, improving simulcast reliability and customer experience.