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Digital Resilience Pays Off

Global research: Every organization suffers from disruption. Investing in critical capabilities enables some to win.



Disruption is a certainty

240 hours
Average reported unplanned downtime per year
$87 million
Average cost of downtime per year from lost revenue and productivity
1 in 2
Organizations are not fully prepared to adapt in a recession

Downtime happens. Virtually all organizations deal with outages, system failures and breaches, especially over the last two years. So why were some able to handle them better than others?

    Stages of Resilience Maturity:

  • 20% of organizations are Beginning
  • 29% of organizations are Developing
  • 35% of organizations are Intermediate
  • 16% of organizations are Advanced  

Key Findings

Resilience has high ROI

Digital resilience is the ability to prevent, detect, recover and respond to events that have the potential to disrupt business processes and services.


We surveyed over 2,100 security, IT and DevOps leaders and identified four different stages of resilience maturity — beginning, developing, intermediate and advanced. Advanced organizations:


  • Save $48 million per year on downtime costs.
  • Are 2.5 times more likely to be prepared to adapt to meet the demands of a recession.
  • Report 2 times the rate of success of their digital transformation projects.
  • Meet or exceed growth targets 17% more often than beginners.


Digital resilience is the key to enterprise resilience

What capabilities helped these organizations stay secure, performing and innovative in the face of disruption? We asked 26 questions about visibility, detection, investigation, response and collaboration. Key strategies for positive outcomes included:


  • Coordinating crisis management cross-functionally across security, IT and DevOps.
  • Adopting automation, specifically machine learning and auto remediation.
  • Supporting initiatives to accelerate the release cycle by including security and IT.

of advanced organizations report over half their workflows are automated

Don’t let disruption defeat your organization.

See why you need to invest in digital resilience today.