Everything You Need to Know About Splunk ITSI

ITSI_PointWith the latest version of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), you can apply machine learning and advanced analytics to:

  • Simplify operations with machine learning
  • Prioritize problem resolution with event analytics
  • Align IT with the business with powerful real-time service-level insights

So how do you get started?

Learn More About Splunk ITSI’s Benefits and Features

Watch this 2-minute overview of Splunk ITSI:


Getting ready for a deployment? For a closer look at Splunk ITSI’s capabilities, check out these resources.

  • The Splunk ITSI tech brief discusses key concepts needed for IT service intelligence and helps you get started with a deployment
  • The Splunk ITSI modules tech brief explains how to get up and running with a collection of useful metrics, entities, service templates and detailed dashboards

See What Other Splunk Ninjas Are Doing With Splunk ITSI

Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive rapidly identifies incidents, minimizes disruptions and improves service reliability and the user experience. The result? The company has reduced its auction incidents by 90 percent.


DeKalb County School District

DeKalb County School District reduced mean-time-to-investigate and repair from days to minutes.

Surrey Satellite

SSTL gained overarching insights to improve service availability, reliability and security.



Anaplan proactively improves customer experience and supports and secures operations 24/7 with service-level insights.


Get a Deeper Dive

  • Embracing The Strategic Opportunity of IT: This white paper explains how to make IT systems smarter to align with business objectives.
  • Splunk-Sponsored 1-Day Workshops: Splunk offers a 1-day Splunk-funded on-site engagement, guided by Splunk ITSI experts. In this workshop, we’ll help you model a measurable implementation of business and technical Contact us for more details.

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