Personal Dev/Test Licenses give you the freedom to explore

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Do you have a new use case to validate? Untapped data sources to investigate? Wouldn’t it be great to explore how Splunk might help other parts of your organization? All without impacting your production systems and license usage…

Free Personal Dev/Test Licenses

At .conf2016 in September, CEO Doug Merritt was clear that we want to make easier for you use Splunk across your business. Enforced metering is gone. And exploring new use cases should be hassle-free.

So now any Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud customer employee can get a free personalized Splunk Enterprise Dev/Test software license. Each license is valid for up to 50 GB daily data ingestion and a six-month renewable term, giving you ample power and time to make big things happen with big data.

How do I get one?
Go to

Are there other limitations?
It’s single instance software. You can’t use it in production, nor stack it with other Splunk deployments. There are other nits, but the goal is to give you the freedom to explore without undue constraints. Learn more in the Dev/Test License FAQ.

Splunk On!

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