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Cloud equals opportunity. The opportunity to remove obstacles and enable immediate growth. The opportunity to redesign your development and operational processes for the modern era.

Splunk's Cloud Vision

Splunk Cloud

The benefits of Splunk Enterprise as a cloud service. Splunk Cloud is reliable, scales to multi-terabytes per day, and is highly secure.

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Splunk Enterprise on AWS

Splunk Enterprise is perfect for deploying on AWS. It's self-contained and can be easily deployed on any EC2 instance to deliver Operational Intelligence without the wait to internally provision hardware.

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Splunk Light

Splunk Light as a cloud service enables small IT teams to automate log search and analysis and speed tactical troubleshooting. Pricing starts at $90 per month.

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End-to-End AWS Visibility

The Splunk App for AWS offers a rich set of pre-built dashboards and reports to gain operational, security and cost management insights into your AWS environment.

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Cloud Ecosystem Visibility

Splunk apps for cloud services deliver visibility across your diverse cloud ecosystem. Apps are available for the cloud solutions you’re most likely to use—AWS, Akamai, ServiceNow, and more.

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Hybrid Visibility

Splunk delivers centralized visibility across your hybrid, on-premises and cloud environments enabling you to migrate to cloud at your own pace and avoid cloud becoming a silo.

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Cloud-based SIEM services help security teams improve threat identification and risk mitigation, reduce remediation cycle times and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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Splunk IT Service Intelligence

End-to-end visibility into the operational health of critical IT and business services to simplify operations, prioritize problem resolution and enable analytics-driven IT, on premises or in the cloud.

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Splunk & Amazon Web Services

Watch Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, and AWS CEO, Andy Jassy discuss how Splunk and AWS work together to drive customer success in the cloud.

Global Customer Success

Cloud & Agility

While the early days of cloud were about cost savings, today cloud is all about innovation and business agility.  We see this in enterprises every day.

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