That happened: episode 26

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: two twofers: Windows is everyone’s favorite thing, making sure the message gets through.

The joy of Windows

A twofer:

<snowmizer> suppose there’s always the tried and true windoze troubleshooting tool…reboot
<duckfez> I have listened to Nyan Cat for 1.5 hours now
<TheBeege> duckfez: win
<madscient> we need about 10 unwanted windows machines and we can film a little short entitled “have you tried throwing it across the room?”
<duckfez> it’s possibly the only thing keeping me sane today
<snowmizer> I’m about to do that with my storage array and the esx hosts
<snowmizer> that are on our dmz
<madscient> duckfez: I had a couple days where to keep me sane I kept this animated gif running continuously. Whatever works.
<duckfez> madscient: that is awesome!  and, if you play the hamsterdance song, the rhythm almost fits

<cerby> I hate windows. Apparently, even though I just installed UF, I can’t edit outputs.conf, Access Denied. WTF.
<MPaniagua> lmao
<MPaniagua> chown admin:admin *
<MPaniagua> 😛
<cerby> if that worked in Windows…
<MPaniagua> yeah only if..
<yannk> cerby > run notepad in admin mode, save the file on the desktop, then move it manually on the folder using a cmd in admin mode …. microsoft is so intuitive.
<cerby> yannk: uhhh. let me tell the person manning the mouse that.
<cerby> that makes NO sense to me. :/
<cerby> hrm, apparently if you run powershell as administrator and then edit the file, you can save it.
<cerby> sudo STOP_SUCKING
<cerby> ugh.

Communications redundancy: you’re doing it Wrong

#splunk just wants to make sure you get the message:

<duckfez> halr9000:
<@Splunky> duckfez’s URL: “4.2 search head – Asynchronous bundle replication error – Splunk Community”
<halr9000> that for BSonPosh1 right
<duckfez> for your testing environment where you’re frequently making changes, you may be better off making bundle replication synchronous again
<duckfez> sure is!
<duckfez> BSonPosh1: ^^^^^
<halr9000> hey BSonPosh1, duckfez says : duckfez: halr9000:
<@Splunky> halr9000’s URL: “4.2 search head – Asynchronous bundle replication error – Splunk Community”
<halr9000> in case you didn’t hear
<halr9000> I’ll call him on the telephone too, just so that he is aware.
<duckfez> “Did you get the IM about the Email I sent you?”
<halr9000> lol
<^Brian^> heh
<halr9000> it’s just a 8 hr drive to BSonPosh1’s place from here, I’ll just jump in the car
<BSonPosh1> sorry… trying to figure out why the heck this doesn’t work
<halr9000> ok BSonPosh1, then don’t worry about cooking dinner, looks like I’m not coming over

<jspears> I’m experiencing rage over emails that say only “I will stop by to discuss”
<Yorokobi> jspears, I’m emailing you to find out if you listened to the voicemail I left you about visiting you in 5 minutes
* Yorokobi speaks Project Manager. :)
<jspears> Yorokobi: good, please be sure to ignore the auto-reply that says I’m unavailable and whom you should contact instead

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