That happened: episode 30

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: the cocaine-addled squirrel method of software testing, putting the auto(bot) in automatic lookups, sometimes text adventures are dangerous:

We’re helping!

Trakz built an amazingly cool graphical field/index explorer. Seriously, check this thing out, it’s AWESOME:

<trakz> I continually lose track of which fields are common across indices in my environment. So i built a index/field explorer in D3 to help me find them:
<trakz> v2 will include the search term to cut ‘n paste!

and then…the #splunk channel helps trakz ‘debug’:

<trakz> (there are still some bugs I need to iron out, ie. selecting dozens of fields eventually has odd behavior +12)
<Jaykul> I was just going to say, it needs a button to deselect fields or something
<SPLKNinja> so trakz.. what i was expecting to happen is on the outer ring, say like a field “sourcetype“.. is that other inner rings would light up that had that same field   #nextversion?
<Jaykul> your pan_logs has no fields enables, that makes me sad
<trakz> Yeah, a toggle option for selecting / deselecting fields.
<Jaykul> SPLKNinja, that is what happens 😉
<duckfez> neat!  .. so I clicked ‘dns’ and ‘weird’ is a field in dns (love it), so then I clicked ‘weird’ and ‘dns’, ‘dirtybucket’, and ‘bro_weird’ got a ticky mark beside them
<SPLKNinja> it didn’t seem to behave that way on my end
<duckfez> keep clicking ‘weird’ repeatedly and the ticky marks keep appearing smaller and smaller toward the center :)
* duckfez wonders if I can crash firefox clicking ‘weird’ enough times?
<SPLKNinja> ok.. working now.
<trakz> yeah, that’s a bug. You should only be able to select a field once
<duckfez> sorry, I was that kid who got a toy only to take it apart and not be able to put it back together…
<trakz> lol, no, it’s good. I can never test enough!
<Jaykul> duckfez, LOL< it wraps around and comes out the other side!
<trakz> I’ll add a limit option to the number of clicks!
<SPLKNinja> I wasn’t “clicking”.. i just expected mouse-over to do that.. but leave it like you have it.. now i’m clicking and it does other awesome stuff.
<SPLKNinja> crazy cool
<Jaykul> Yeah, VERY nice trakz
<duckfez> I know it drives developers crazy when you submit bug reports, “so, I clicked randomly like a squirrel on cocaine, after about 20 minutes it crashed”

Putting the auto(bot) in automatic lookups

Surely Bumblebee would be better at search than Goldbug:

<mlanghor> trying to add as an auto lookup in props
<duckfez> mlanghor: and you added the TRANSFORMS stanza for the lookup too?
<jrodman> why did we miss the chance to name that TRANSFORMERS
<duckfez> err  y/[A-Z]/[a-z]
<yannk> probably a copyright issue.
<jrodman> we could have had clear precedence rules
<jrodman> clearly TRANSFORMERS-Optimus-Prime comes before TRANSFORMERS-Goldbug
<mlanghor> well I’d added in the ui
<bob_deep> mlanghor: worked?
<bob_deep> maybe it wasn’t being shared correctly
<duckfez> jrodman: but could TRANSFORMERS-Megatron ever count on TRANSFORMERS-Starscream to not screw him over?
<duckfez> “You’ve failed me again, Starscream”
<jrodman> well the decepticons would be more problematic of cousre
<jrodman> they would have documented unstable precdence
<jrodman> which could help for um.. uhh. load rotation

#splunk: West of House

Ayn becomes his very own text adventure…with violent results:

<Ayn> evenink
<Drainy> suddenly, a wild Ayn appears
<mlanghor> hello Ayn
<Ayn> do you want to: (T)alk to Ayn, (B)eat Ayn in the head with a spatula, or (P)lay catch with him?
<Drainy> P
<whitest> B
<Ayn> You decide to play catch.
<Ayn> You throw the ball towards Ayn.
<Ayn> Ayn completely misses the ball due to being hit violently in the head with a spatula.
<duckfez> poor Ayn, getting balls thrown at him and spatulas at his head
<duckfez> tough crowd
<Ayn> there’s #splunk for ya
<duckfez> yup
* Yorokobi puts down the spatula he was tying to a ball …
* whitest Sends flowers to Ayn for black eye

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