Telecommunications and Media Companies: Your Guide to .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGBIf you’re a communications service provider, you know how important content is to your business. Well, at Splunk, we’ll have a lot of content for you at .conf2015! With over 165 sessions, here are a select few that may be of interest to you:


Tuesday, September 22

  • 4:15pm – Vertu: Deploying a Splunk Cluster to the Cloud with DevOps Tools and Using Splunk to Improve Reliability in a Fleet of Mobile Devices. Speaker: Rob Charlton
  • 5:15pm – Comcast: To Xfinity and Beyond: Mission-Critical Metrics and Tips for Managing Any Size Splunk Installation. Speakers: Joe Cramasta, Kate Lawrence-Gupta

Wednesday, September 23

  • 10:00am – Swisscom: Collaborative Security Model. Speakers: Christof Jungo (Swisscom), Haiyan Song (Splunk)
  • 10:00am – Telus: Keep Your Eyes on the KPIs! Enhancing Reliability with Splunk Alarming into your NOC. Speaker: Matthew Modestino
  • 11:15am – Orion Labs: Cloud, Wearables, and IoT! How Orion Leverages Splunk Cloud to Ensure Performance and Gain Analytics from Internet-connected Accessories. Speakers: Dan Phung (Orion), Rajiv Battula (Splunk)
  • 3:15pm – American Public Media & m-mobo: What You Think Is Real Is Not Real–Learn How Splunk Uncovered the Truth! Speakers: Alex Gitelzon (American Public Media), Jeff Kent (m-mobo)

Thursday, September 24

  • 2:15pm – Alcatel-Lucent: Beyond SplunkWeb: How Alcatel-Lucent Used the Splunk SDK to Build an Integrated Reporting Platform. Speaker: Rory Blake (Splunk)

Come join 4,000 of your closest friends at the MGM Grand later this month. Looking forward to welcoming you to the best Splunk User Conference ever!

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