Jason Brewer

Jason Brewer

Jason is one of Splunk’s security research team members. He’s responsible for providing implementations of security analytics for Splunk’s security solutions, including Splunk User Behavior Analytics and Splunk Enterprise Security. Jason is a US Navy veteran. Previously he’s worked at IBM/ISS X-Force R&D team. He has extensive IT experience from his time working in and with the military and government. Jason has nearly 10 years' experience in management and leadership. He's a fair short order cook too.

Official Title:

Senior Software Engineer

What You Really Do:

Hold forth philosophically on the subjects of security and software engineering.

First Day at Splunk:

June 12th, 2017


Work, fitness, traveling, motorcycling, building new skills (zip lining, rock climbing and yoga this year.)

Favorite Movie/Album:

I prefer books. My favorite is Dune by Frank Herbert.

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