John Stoner

I grew up in Virginia, graduated from Penn State and came back to Virginia where I have worked in technology for over 20 years.  A job or two felt like I really was a cast member of The Office or Office Space, but every one of them taught me something new.  I have a wonderful family who are very patient with me and my idiosyncrasies. 

Official Title:

Staff Security Architect, Public Sector

What You Really Do:

I work with public sector customers on issues pertaining to security. I write blogs dissecting ES for the field.


When I am not working, I enjoy watching my three sons play hockey. I also enjoy reading, mainly history.

Favorite Quote:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Favorite Movie:

I really enjoyed Grosse Pointe Blank. The combination of the movie’s premise and the soundtrack made it a good movie.

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