SplunkTalk – #7 – Gleaming the DataCube

We’re “all over the place” this week! We’ll be chatting about how to make reporting a whole lot faster than you think it can be, helping you understand why the *NIX App doesn’t work on HP-UX quite yet, and Whats the deal with Apache–why doesn’t it syslog the http access log. Oy Vey! Questions, Answers, News and Views.

Visit Splunk.TV to subscribe or: (in the not too distant future) listen live every friday at 11AM Central Time. To be a part of the show and submit a question email Splunk Talk is hosted by Michael Wilde (Splunk Ninja), Jeffery Blake and Eric “Maverick” Garner.

Michael Wilde, “Chief of Black Ops and White Lies” is a Principal Sales Engineer with Splunk.  Starting with Splunk as their first Sales Engineer way back in 2006, over the years Michael has helped the company evolve its product and demo strategy, becoming and expert evangelist.  Michael is the original Splunk NInja and coined the tagline "becuase ninjas are too busy"

Aside from being a career sales engineer, Michael is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu an RYT-200 yoga teacher, every Saturday at LifeTime Fitness in Austin, TX.  

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