Reload 4 Auth

This will be a very brief post, to fulfill my obligations. I’ll share something a little more informative, perhaps even more interesting, in an upcoming post (soon… I promise (kinda) this time).

As of Splunk 4.0, our old somewhat-of-an-API has been replaced with an entirely new REST API, invalidating my old post on reloading authentication from the command line.

Sooo….. in 4.x, you can restart the authentication system with the following command:

$ splunk _internal call /authentication/providers/services/_reload -auth admin:changeme

Any errors should be obvious in the resulting XML. As of 4.0.3, you’ll also get a non-zero return code upon receiving errors from the API. And I’ve filed a bug (just now) to expose this as a real CLI command, so soon this post will no longer be very important. :)

Happy now, Simeon?

Amritpal Bath

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